Each month, Mark Vigeant (Clusterfest Up Next Showcase, Live From Here, UCB) invites audiences into the world wide web for a night of HTML-arious laughs! Join Mark as he digs deep into an online world along with other comedians, experts and more at this multimedia comedy experience. Only at CAVEAT!

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July 18th at 9:30pm

It's the biggest Internet Explorers of the summer! Musician/Artist/Creative Genius bill wurtz shall be joining Mark for a discussion about how to be your authentic self on the Internet! Plus live video commentary on some of bill's work, AND the first ever bill wurtz hackathon! It's going to be an incredible show, definitely get your tickets now!

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June 20th, 2019


Is that a chorus of children singing "Creep" I hear? Cuz Mark did a whole dang show about FACEBOOK y'all (notes here. Mark went EXTREMELY on Facebook for 7 days AND facebook messaged every single one of his friends. Yikes. Head over to Mark's Twitch channel for more highlights!

May 15, 2019


Bow-chicka-WOW-WOW! Things got steamy at this show, dedicated to Internet Pornography (notes here), and hosted the sexxxxxy quiz show Porn Game! Plus! Mark's Twitch channel got temporarily banned! But it's back now hahahaha. Please subscribe.

April 18, 2019


EHRMAGERD Mark did a whole friccing show about MEMES (notes here), interviewed a bunch of teens about memes and hosted the first ever game of Meme Sharktank! Plus! Check out clips of the show on Mark's Twitch Channel!!

March 20, 2019


I heard you like livestreaming so Mark livestreamed a show about Livestreaming (notes here), went viral on TikTok in one week and showed a video of himself playing Fortnite with Kids! Plus! He made a brand new website for Jaboukie Young-White!

February 20, 2019

Online Dating

Mark got back on the apps with a show about Online Dating (notes here), showed off his new dating site Hacker.singles and gave a presentation on his new algorithm for human conversation!

January 16, 2019

Online Gaming

Mark Leeroy Jenkins'ed into the beautiful world of Online Gaming (notes here) with the audience, showed off his in-browser screensaver , debuted a Gaming Video and assembled a fun game of a website for Jo Firestone!

December 19, 2018

Artificial Intelligence

Mark dove into the horrifying and hilarious world of Artificial Intelligence (notes here) with the audience, unveiled his latest creation The Mountain Dew FlavorBot, debuted a video about neural nets and put together a brand new SUPER NSFW website for Arthur Meyer!

November 21, 2018


Mark celebrated CYBER WEDNESDAY by talking about e-commerce (notes here) with the audience, unveiled the Mark Vigeant Online Store, premiered part one of Mark's Text Adventure, debuted a new video, PLUS showed off a brand new website for Larry Owens!

October 8, 2018


Mark HACKED his way through the dense history of hacking (notes here) with the audience, demonstrated how he HACKED WINDOWS XP Minesweeper on his Macbook, showed off the beginning of a NEW dropbox maze ANNNND debuted a hilarious new video . PLUS a custom website for John Reynolds (Search Party).

September 19, 2018


Mark explored the bowels of the dark web (notes here) with the audience, demonstrated how to protect your file system, AND debuted his own personal dark web site (http://4lrhcnvly3gfok44.onion/) . PLUS a custom website for Julio Torres (SNL).

August 18, 2018

Net Art!

Mark explored the world of net art (notes here) with the audience, showed off two pieces of net art (face split and the website of babel), and debuted a video tutorial from Majuul. PLUS a custom website for Negin Farsad (The Muslims are Coming, TED).

July 18, 2018


Mark revisited the glorious world of geocities (notes here, introduced his very own neocities page, a series of chain emails, and a video from Geoff. PLUS a custom website for Mike Drucker (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee).

May 16, 2018


Mark explained the concept of shitposting to the audience, debuted a shitposting memepage on facebook, his garfield-themed web comic, and a series of ShrimpPosts. PLUS a custom website for Reductress' Beth Newell.

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